Kids Love Our Church


Our goal in C3Kids is to introduce our kids to the real Jesus at each phase of life. From the moment you drop off your child to the moment you pick them up, they experience safe, age-specific environments designed with them in mind. Every weekend, we discuss one Biblical truth through Bible stories, illustrations, games, worship, and a time for Small Groups. We encourage you to ask your kids what they learned in church this week!


Birth - Age 3

Cubs is a loving, safe environment for little ones from birth to three years old. Our dedicated team love to hold, rock, and interact with infants, our smallest guests. Older children have a full program of upbeat worship, fun and interactive Bible stories, simple crafts, and free play. It will be their favorite hour of the week!


Age 4 - Grade 3

F.R.O.G. is for kids from age 4 through grade 3. Our activities tickle all the senses and make mastering biblical concepts a blast. Crazy fun activities, crafts, large group Bible story, worship time – they’re all part of the plan to help children to know God and shine brightly.


Grade 4 - Grade 6

Bobcats is for kids in grades four through six. These years are critical, as kids are forming their perceptions of themselves and how they relate to God and others. This group focuses on answering the tough questions in an exciting, relatable and fun environment.


What you can expect from C3Kids

Safety First

Safety is our highest priority at C3Kids. Each week your child will be cared for by amazing volunteers who have been background checked and trained by C3Kids Leaders to provide outstanding care.

Each week, you’ll receive a nametag for your child along with a security code. If we need you to return to class, we’ll put the number on the big screen, but really this number is for check-out where we compare your security code to your child’s nametag.

* If you have small children and would like a second nametag for items like a diaper bag or anything else your child might bring to class, please let our friendly check-in team member know and we’d be happy to print additional nametags.