We offer biblically based counseling believing that our heavenly Father has left clear instruction to guide us through the trials of life in His word.  Our desire is to empower you to respond to your trials and suffering by equipping you with practical tools through this ministry.

What is Biblically Based Counseling?

Biblically based counseling is an approach that uses the Bible to address the issues in the lives of individuals, couples, and families.  The goal of biblically based counseling is to help individuals develop a biblical worldview and recognize core-truths that guide right thinking and actions.  Your spiritual health and wellness is our main goal.

What can I expect?

Your initial appointment may last 90 minutes; normal sessions will be 60 minutes.  The total number of sessions will vary from person-to-person, depending on needs.  You will be required to invest time in your personal growth and healing.

What kind of training have your counselors received?

Our counselors are not licensed clinicians or mental health professionals.  They have received training through Light Universities, Caring for people God’s way.  As biblically based counselors, we do not offer advice based on psychological philosophies, even though some of our counselors may have been trained in those disciplines.  If you believe you would benefit from psychological counseling or mental health professionals, please consult with your health provider.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services that range from premarital counseling, marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling.  Our desire is to honor God and you through each session.  We do this by encouraging, instructing, and correcting with love and grace.

We believe in protecting you and our counselors by being above reproach.  We do this by pairing men with men and women with women for individual counseling.  We also have couples who are willing to come alongside you as couples and do what we refer to as “couples counseling.”  These options will be discussed in our initial meeting.


Our counselors seek to honor you by maintaining confidentiality, except in situations in which such confidentiality would violate the law or jeopardize the safety of the client or others.  Our desire is to create a safe place for you to share openly.


There is a suggested donation of $25 that is not mandatory.

What do we expect of you?

We will ask you to invest daily time and hard work throughout your counseling experience. Our goal is for you to encounter lasting life-change, which will not take place without a serious, whole-hearted investment in the process. We do ask you to keep your appointments, complete homework assignments, and attend worship services weekly.

Next Steps

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